• What are people saying about OnStar FMV?

    • "I view this as a real investment in my safety and that of my passengers. I watch what I spend, but how can you put a price on what OnStar provides you with, when you need it most?"

      - Linda Demerest, New Jersey
    • "I do a lot of driving by myself and safety was a factor. The directions, the live Advisors, the built-in wireless connection were all used frequently. OnStar just made sense for me."

      - Kathy Berlin, Louisiana
    • "What I really enjoy is the sense of security that it gives me. I know that help is just a push of a button away. I know that if I should have car troubles OnStar knows exactly where I am."

      - Joy Shackles, California
    • "The next time I'm looking for a new address, I'm totally pushing that blue button before even starting out ... Having OnStar FMV along for the ride, our 30-minute trips to the Big City seem less lonely and desolate."

      - Sarbra Gubler, creator of sewing blog, Sew a Straight Line
    • "OnStar [FMV] is a seamless brew of cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, microphone, speakers and human operators ... It's efficient and reliable. It's not nearly as overwhelming as car-computer systems like Ford SYNC® or BMW iDrive."

      - David Pogue, personal-tech columnist for The New York Times

OnStar FMV — the new hard-working mirror from OnStar

what is it?

OnStar FMV replaces your vehicle's rearview mirror, bringing the core safety, security and connectivity services of OnStar.

Learn more by reading frequently asked questions or watching the videos below.

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how does it work?

OnStar vehicle compatibility

With built in connectivity and GPS technologies, OnStar FMV gives you all the safety and security of OnStar including a direct link to Live Advisors and the ability to detect and send help to your exact location in the event of an accident.

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where do I get it?

OnStar FMV Purchase

OnStar FMV is available for purchase online and at local retailers and dealerships. Once specially-trained installers add FMV to your vehicle, simply push the blue button to speak with an Advisor who can help select the right subscription package for you.

where can I purchase?

powerfully simple services. all at the touch of a button.

Across the state or around the block, OnStar FMV makes it easy

With available Turn-by-Turn Navigation from OnStar, you'll never worry about directions again.4 Simply push your blue button and an Advisor can send automated Turn-by-Turn directions right to your mirror.

Flat tire? Out of gas?

Life happens. But with OnStar FMV it doesn't have to ruin your day. Whether you've locked your keys in your car or run out of gas, an Advisor can send help to get you back on the road in no time.

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we're here to help — even when you can't ask for it

OnStar Emergency Services

Enjoy added peace of mind with OnStar Automatic Crash Response, where OnStar Advisors are standing by 24/7 to help.3 If you request help, or can't answer, emergency responders are sent to your precise GPS location.

OnStar FMV plans & pricing

After purchasing and installing OnStar FMV, you can choose the subscription that best fits your needs.

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